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NAME: Jordan
LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
ETHNICITY: African American

What inspired you to become a model?

Proverbs 16:9

"A man's heart plans his way; but the LORD directs his steps."

First and foremost, I am a Christian and I thank and praise God for everything He has done for me. Modeling does not define who I am, God does, modeling is just what I do. Everything that I am and will be in the future is strictly because of Him.

Throughout my life I had many plans of what I would do with my career. Being a college star athlete and dedicating my entire life to that particular craft, I was certain that it would be football. However, the Lord directed my steps in a different path and modeling was my calling.

Modeling is an art form that is different than any other art. Any form of art requires thorough studying and endless hours of working on your skill in order to perfect the craft, modeling is no different. Skill is only developed by hours and hours of working on your craft and I welcome that.

I realized that I have to study and dedicate myself to being better every single day, if not I will never be able to communicate my artistry with people the way that I want. I enter the industry humble and hungry, knowing that the possibilities are endless and looking forward to what each day brings.  

Name at least 3 of your favorite modeling experiences?

My most memorable modeling experience is of course my first photo shoot with a great photographer by the name of Nani Anderson. There
was something addictive about being in front of the camera and I wanted more and more after that shoot. I went into it hesitant and a little guarded, but I did not know that it would change my life

Secondly, walking in the Fashion Designers Expo was definitely one of my favorite experiences. This was my first time ever doing runway and it was an invaluable experience. Just to be surrounded by other models and all of the designers with all eyes on you as you walk is an incredible experience. This is definitely one that I won't forget.

Lastly, my first fitness shoot is one that I am probably most proud of. It was more mentally challenging than anything to get my body in
peak condition before the shoot. The grind and the gym time and dedication required was all worth it once I got the pictures back and I was able to communicate my body through the pictures the way that I wanted.

What modeling category are you seeking?

I want to always possess the ability to do any type of modeling, versatility is my brand. Whether it's high fashion, print, runway, or fitness and swimwear I want to be versatile enough to crossover into any category. Whatever category of modeling someone is talking about, I want to be that guy. I strive to be involved in every type of modeling/acting in the industry as possible.

What kind of modeling talent can you bring to J Global Entertainment?

"There is a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have. You have to believe that something different than what has happened in the past 50 million years of history, you have to believe that something different can happen."

This is exactly how I look at my career. I am going to do things that no one has ever done, and I truly believe it. Where I excel is a ridiculous, outrageous, sickening, obsessive work ethic. I keep God first and I know that I am going to achieve all the things that I want in my life.