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NAME: Sunshine
LOCATION: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
WEIGHT: 145 lbs
ETHNICITY: Jamaican and Egyptain

What inspired you to become a model?

I’ve always been the tallest girl sometimes feeling out of my element. However, standing out without trying and my 1st time on a runway made me feel comfortable and confident of my height. After that I pushed myself to the limit to stand my ground in this business and proceeded to the highest of success.

Name at least 3 of your favorite modeling experiences?

I feel all my modeling experiences are my favorite because I’m doing something I love to do so each time just gets better to me; However what comes to mind of my favorite experience would be my 1st photo-shoot. An recently I played the basketball girl on “All I Do Is Win” (remix) and it was a star studded set and I really had a blast with all the talent that was present. Last but not least, a fashion show I recently did for the kids in distress which I really enjoy and it also helped raised money for our needed children.

What modeling category are you seeking?

I enjoy more runways, print and commercial. I’m also seeking acting in which I have a natural ability in.

What kind of modeling talent can you bring to J Global Entertainment?

I can bring a fresh new face to J Global Entertainment; a ray of Sunshine : ) I'm very diverse I have a new look and I'm easy to work with. I also have a great personality and welcoming spirit. I'm able to work well with others and I tend to blend easy with others yet standing out at the same time.